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Christianity cannot be in favor of a world which is rich. The scientists are declaring
continually that we have come to such a point of technological progress that now there is
no need for anybody to be hungry, to be starving or dying because of shortage of food. It
has never before been possible, but now scientists are saying that we can feed five billion
people very easily, we can feed even more — but those voices are silenced. No politician
pays any attention, because politicians are also interested in having a big following.
In India Mohammedans will not be ready to accept that you should not marry four
women… which is simply a human matter. But they have made it a point that it is a
religious matter. I cannot understand how it is religious to marry four women. And if it is
religious to marry four, then it will be doubly religious to marry eight. Perhaps that’s why
Mohammed himself married nine women. The reality is that four women can produce
four children in the year; vice-versa will not help. One woman marrying four men will
still produce one child, not four children. But one man marrying a number of women can
produce more children.
You will be surprised to know that India has already been divided in the name of religion,
and Mohammedans have taken Pakistan on one side, and Bangladesh on another side; the
country has been cut into three parts. Now again Mohammedans are growing so much
that India is the greatest Mohammedan country in the world. No Mohammedan country
has so many Mohammedans as India has. Any day they can start demanding a separate
country, because they are second in number to Hindus, and Hindus are not a converting
religion. Mohammedans are a converting religion, forcibly too. There is no need of any
argument; the sword is the argument!
Your so-called religious leaders, your so-called political leaders, all need attention, all
need their names and their photos continually in the newspapers, because if newspapers
forget anybody’s name for a few months, people forget that man also. Now what do you
know about Richard Nixon? Where is that poor fellow? One day he was the greatest,
most powerful man on the earth, and now you will only hear about him the day he dies,
and that too will be on the third, fourth page of the newspapers in a small column. What
happens to these powerful people? When they lose people’s attention, their personality
starts disappearing.
I have known many political leaders in this country. Perhaps this country has more exministers,
chief ministers, governors than any other country. Once they become “ex” they
are finished. Then nobody pays any attention to them, nobody asks them to inaugurate
bridges, railway lines, hospitals, schools. No paper even bothers where they are, whether
they are alive or dead. And there was a time when they were in the newspapers every
day, on the radios, on television.
One of my sannyasins works in the Indian television. She wanted to bring a small piece
from my talks every day to the television. The director said, “We can accept the material,
but we cannot mention Osho’s name.”
She said, “But this is absolutely illegal, and it is stealing.”
But the director said, “You should not mention his name at all ” — because that’s what the
Indian politicians want, and that’s what the politicians of the whole world want.
The Attorney General of America has emphatically declared in a press conference, “Our
whole effort will be to silence Osho’s voice completely.”
One reporter asked, “What does it mean? Do you want to assassinate him?”
And the Attorney General laughed. He said, “No, we will find some roundabout ways so
he is not heard any more.”
The American government is pressurizing the Indian government so that no foreign news
media will be allowed to reach me. And I am receiving letters from Germany, from
America, from Greece, from England, from Australia, “What is the matter? Why is the
Indian government absolutely stubborn that they don’t want any news media, newspapers,
radio, or television people to come to Poona?”
This is the way, in their eyes, to silence me. They are wrong. I have my own ways: I have
my own people who are enough… just person to person. If a man like Gautam Buddha,
without any television, without any newspapers, without any radio, could convert the
whole of Asia, what is the problem? I am not dependent on their news media.
But the fear of the politicians is… the whole media attention should be focused on them —
and why are people asking to go to Poona? Why don’t they ask to come to Delhi? That
hurts them very badly.

t is not only your problem, that you are a beggar for attention; it is a human reality. And
the reason is that you depend on your personality — which is false, which has been
created by the society, and which can be taken away by society. Don’t depend on it. It is
not in your power.
That which is in your power is your own individuality. Discover it! And the name of the
science to discover it is meditation.
Once you know yourself, you don’t care about others. Even if the whole world forgets
you it does not matter, it does not even make the slightest difference to you; or the whole
world can know — that too does not give you any ego. You know ego is false, and to
depend on the false is to make houses on the sand, without foundation. Your personalities
are almost signatures on water. You have not even signed, and they disappear.
A group of Jewish mothers were drinking coffee together, and bragging about their
children. One had a four-year-old who could read already. Another had a five-year-old
who had already appeared on television. Then Becky Goldberg spoke up and said, “That’s
nothing. You should see my little Hymie. He is only five years old, but the other day he
went to the psychiatrist all by himself!”
A middle-aged woman confessed to her priest that she was becoming vain.
“Why do you think so?” asked the priest.
“Because,” replied the woman, “every time I look in the mirror I am inspired by my
“Don’t worry,” said the priest, “that’s not a sin, that’s only a mistake!”
It was a big meeting of the medical society in honor of an ear specialist who was retiring
after more than fifty years of service. As a gift, they presented him with a golden ear. He
stood up to make a speech, and after the applause had died down, he looked at his gift
and said, “Thank god I was not a gynecologist!”
Don’t depend on others!
Be independent in your being.
Just listen to your inner voice.
You can listen the moment you start stilling and silencing your mind — and it is not
difficult. And when I say it is not difficult, I say it with absolute authority: It is not
difficult! If it has happened to me, it can happen to you — there is no difference. All
human beings are potentially capable to know themselves. And the moment you know
yourself, then nobody can take away your individuality. Even if they kill you, they can
only kill your body, not you.
When Socrates was poisoned, the chief judge said to him, “I feel sorry that I had to agree
with the majority. They all wanted to kill you. And you are such a strange fellow… I gave
you three alternatives, but you did not accept.”
The chief judge had tremendous respect, but what to do? The majority was shouting, “He
should be killed because he is corrupting our youth. He is giving them ideas which are
against our tradition, against our religion. He is making them skeptical of the old and the
ancient. He is making them explore the reality on their own, and not just believe in
knowledge and ancient scriptures. He is destroying our tradition. We don’t want this man;
this man should be destroyed.”
But the chief judge understood the whole situation. He said to Socrates… because in those
days in Greece there were city states; Athens was a city state and the Athenian law was
not applicable outside Athens. So he said, “The first simple choice is, you just move out
of Athens, just outside the boundary line, and there you can make your school, your
academy. Those who want to learn will come there.”
Socrates said, “That will show my fear of death… and some day I am going to die, I am
old enough. These people are too impatient; I will die by myself. So to escape from
Athens just for a few years… my being does not support such an idea. I cannot act out of
fear. I would rather accept death, because you can only kill my body but not my spirit.
And the body is going to die anyway, any moment!”
The chief judge said, “The second alternative is if you promise not to talk about truth, to
stop teaching, you can live in Athens.”
He said, “Then what will be the point of living? To me, truth is higher than life. Life
comes and goes; truth remains. No, I cannot accept that.”
The chief judge said, “Then the last thing is that you can say, `I am sorry that I have hurt
people’s feelings.’ Just a simple apology will make me stand in your favor, and you can
be saved from this ugly act of poisoning you to death.”
Socrates said, “That is not possible, because I have not done anything wrong. I cannot say
I am sorry. I can only say I am immensely happy, and the question of an apology does not
arise. For centuries you all will be condemned because you poisoned me. And one thing I
would like you to know is that your name will be remembered only because you gave the
judgment for my death; otherwise, nobody will remember you.”
This is the man of individuality, who does not care for his life, for his body, who has no
fear. He accepted death with joy.
An individual is the only person who can get rid of this state of begging; otherwise you
are going to remain a beggar your whole life. And in subtle ways you are continuously
begging. Every young man falling in love with a woman will ask the woman, “Am I the
first man you have fallen in love with?” It is almost inevitable. And every woman will
ask, “Am I the first woman you have fallen in love with?” Why such questions? The
woman wants you never to have paid attention to anybody: “I am the first, the most
beautiful woman in your eyes.”
Man all through history has insisted that he will marry only a virgin — for what? It is such
a stupid idea, because a virgin is absolutely inexperienced. You should insist, “I should
marry someone who has some experience.” This is simple, logical, rational and scientific.
But all the societies have insisted that they will accept in marriage only a virgin girl.
In the middle ages there were doctors in Europe… because the woman’s virginity can be
judged, checked. There is a very thin layer of skin — if she has not been in a sexual
relationship, that skin remains intact; if she has been in a sexual relationship, that skin is
broken. That broken skin proves that she is not a virgin. Now sometimes it can be broken
just by riding on a bicycle, it can be broken by riding on a horse, it can be broken by any
accident — falling from the staircase. It is not something that can be broken only by
making love. But every young man was alert on his first night as to whether the woman
was virgin or not, so there were doctors in Europe who used to fix a false skin to make
anybody virgin! Their profession was flourishing greatly.
I was in Greece, and I asked one of my sannyasins, “In Greece is virginity immensely
valued by the orthodox church of Greece?” And the sannyasin I was asking had been one
of the most beautiful women, one time chosen as Miss Greece.
She laughed. She said, “The church goes on saying that virginity is our fundamental
principle, but it is very difficult to find a virgin in Greece!” But before getting married,
they become virgin. It is just a very small thing for a gynecologist to fix a thin layer of
I have heard one priest was asking and thundering and threatening the people of his
congregation, “If you are not virgin, you will suffer hellfire. So all women who are
virgin, or who have been virgin before their marriage, stand up!” Nobody stood up. He
said, “I say again…” One woman with a little baby stood up. He said, “I am happy at least
one woman has followed the religious principle of the Greek orthodox church.”
The woman said, “Forgive me Father, I am not standing for myself; I am standing for the
baby. You cannot expect a six-month-old baby to stand by herself! She is certainly a
virgin, I can guarantee it!”
All kinds of stupid notions have prevailed in humanity. And you have to follow these
notions if you want attention. In India, if you want to have attention… There was a man in
Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram, and he was an intelligent man. He had been a professor, a
retired professor, Professor Ranga. He lived for six months only on cow dung and cow
urine — just these two things for six months — and he became more of an attraction than
Mahatma Gandhi himself. Everybody who was coming to the ashram was going to see
Professor Ranga. Even Mahatma Gandhi called him a great man, a great spiritual man! I
don’t see how cow dung can make a man spiritual. It simply can prove that he is stupid.
But in Hindu society where the cow is accepted as the mother, the holy mother, this is a
great spiritual attainment.
All over the world you will find the same kind of superstitions in different ways. And if
you want the attention of people, you have to follow their ideas. You have always to be a
follower, you have always to be a believer, you have always to be stupid and idiotic.
But if you want to get rid of this begging, you will have to get rid of your ego and your
personality. You will have to learn that there is nothing in respect, there is nothing in
reputation, there is nothing in respectability. They are all bogus words, meaningless,
contentless. The reality belongs to you, but unless you discover it, you will have to
depend on others.
You are emperors, but you have to discover yourself.
And this discovery is not difficult:
Your kingdom is within you.
You just have to learn to close your eyes and look inwards. A little discipline, a little
learning not to remain focused on the outside continuously, but to turn inwards at least
once or twice a day, whenever you can find time… slowly, slowly you start becoming
aware of your eternal being. Then the idea of attention simply disappears.
And the miracle is: the day you don’t need anybody’s attention, people start feeling your
charisma, because charisma is the radiation of your individuality. They start feeling that
you are somebody special, unique — although they cannot pinpoint where your
uniqueness is, what it is that attracts like a magnet.
People who have discovered themselves have found thousands of people attracted
towards them, but they are not asking for it.

Question 2
Amrit Nirjan, hypnosis has been condemned by all kinds of ignorant people. They don’t
understand anything about it, but you will find people everywhere condemning it. The
word is used without knowing even the meaning of it. People will say to you, “You are
hypnotized, that’s why you go to Osho!” But just ask them what hypnosis is. They cannot
even tell you the literal meaning of it, nor can they tell you what is the technique of it.
Just the word is enough to condemn anybody, “You are hypnotized.”
Hypnosis is a tremendously beautiful art, and there is nothing wrong in it. But everything
can be used in a wrong way or in a right way. You can have a sword and cut somebody’s
head. That is not the fault of the sword; the sword is neutral. With your sword you can
prevent somebody from raping a woman. But the sword is absolutely neutral, neither
good nor bad; every energy is neutral.
Hypnosis is a tremendous source of energy. The word itself means deliberate sleep. You
know ordinary sleep, you sleep every day; because it is ordinary sleep, it does not go
deep enough. Its function is to help your body to recover its energy lost in the day-to-day
work, so tomorrow morning you can get up fresh, again able to work. The ordinary sleep
only goes so deep that it can help your body to recover, rejuvenate.
Deliberate sleep is the meaning of hypnosis. It is a simple thing, but it goes as deep as
you are ready to go. It refreshes your body, it silences your mind, it cleanses your heart, it
can reach to your very being. It all depends on your willingness — nobody can hypnotize
you against your will. That also is a greatly fallacious idea prevalent in the world, that
somebody can hypnotize you against your will. That is impossible. Nobody can
hypnotize you against your will.
Simple methods are used by the hypnotist. He will tell you to relax and concentrate on
something shiny, without moving your eyelids; just keep your eyes open as long as you
can, and only when it is almost impossible for you, when the eyelids close by themselves
— you cannot do anything, you cannot stop — only then… You are relaxed, lying down in
a silent place, looking at a very strong light which tires the eyes, staring at it. The
hypnotist is repeating, “Your eyelids are becoming very heavy, the light is too strong and
you are going to fall asleep soon.” And he will go on repeating it.
It takes not more than three to five minutes before you will start feeling your eyelids have
become heavier, and heavier, and heavier. And a moment comes when you cannot keep
them open, they simply close. Then the hypnotist starts telling you, “You are going
deeper, deeper. And you will hear only my voice and nothing else.” Your total
willingness is needed. If you are reluctant, if you don’t want it, then the hypnotist is
absolutely helpless. It is not a power of the hypnotist as it is understood in the world, it is
the willingness of the hypnotized that brings that deep kind of deliberate sleep.
If you follow, cooperate with the hypnotist, he can take you deeper, deeper, deeper… the
mind has become silent. And the moment he says anything, it simply sinks into your
being. Your heart is dancing with harmony — no tension, no thought. You have entered
into the innermost shrine of your being; now relax there.
But this is possible only, and I am saying categorically only, if you are willing to go into
it. But it is tremendously helpful, because you find it very difficult on your own to go into
that deep silence where the world is left far behind. And if the hypnosis is going to be
used for meditative purposes… It can be used for many kinds of purposes, it can be used
for healing.
Seventy percent of your diseases are just mind diseases, they are not really there. You
simply believe they are there, and because you believe, they are there. It is because of this
there are so many pathies': allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy, ayurveda, unani. There are so manypathies’, Chinese, Japanese… and all function perfectly well, but only for
seventy percent.
Only allopathy is a scientific methodology; it functions on one hundred percent of your
diseases. But every pathy… homeopathy is nothing but sugar pills, but it works, and the
work is not small — seventy percent. For seventy percent of sicknesses it is perfectly
good. Naturopathy works, and naturopathy is very simple, for example, having a mud
bath. Fill your bathtub with mud and lie down in the mud, and it cures many things. It has
been found that seventy percent of diseases are in your own hands.
I had a doctor who was a fake doctor. He was my friend. He had no degrees, but his
board was full of degrees — all kinds of degrees, from inside India, from outside India.
And he made a lab. As you entered into his clinic, first you would pass through a
tremendous lab, which was all just bogus — great machines that you have never seen,
which have nothing to do with medicine — and he would impress you in this way.
When you reached his office you would be surprised. He never used an ordinary
stethoscope; he had a very special arrangement. He was a genius although he was a fake.
But he was a genius! You would have to lie down on the table, and above your head there
were many big bottles with colored water, joined with a tube. That tube he would attach
to the stethoscope, and the water would jump. You would see the water jumping —
whether red water is jumping or green water is jumping. You have never seen such a
It created great trust in the man: “That man is not ordinary.” And he was just watching
the water…! That could have been done by anybody, by an ordinary stethoscope; it was
nothing… your heart is jumping, so the water is jumping. Everything was special! He had
almost cured the person by the time he was out of his clinic, and he was simply giving
water, colored water, to people.
He was caught by the police. As I heard that he had been caught, I went immediately to
the police station and I told those people, “He is fake, but he has helped hundreds of
people — you should also consider that. It is absolutely unjust to harass him. It is true that
those degrees are false, but those degrees are not given by any university, any medical
college; so what is wrong if he has used the alphabet and he has made his degrees
himself? Your concern should be how many people he has helped. And those are the
people whom nobody could help.”
People used to go to him only as a last resort, because his fees were very high. Naturally,
he had such a great establishment, his fees were almost eight times more than any
qualified doctor. And he said to me, “Even taking eight times the fees helps the patient.
When he pays so much, he gets well quickly. When he pays so much, he believes that the
doctor is not ordinary. So it is not only a question of getting more money, it is a question
of helping the patient. It is part of treatment.”
But the police were not ready to listen to me; he was presented before the magistrate. I
went there too, and I said, “You should look at the record of how many people he cures.
And those are the incurable people. They have been to allopathy, they have been to
ayurveda, they have been to homeopathy. Nothing helps, but this man manages to help
them. Now the real criterion should be how much service, how much help he has given,
but you are simply bothering about certificates.”
The magistrate said, “I can understand you, but I have to follow the law.”
So the poor doctor is behind the bars. But I was continually talking to him, and he was
very open and clear. He said, “I have arranged this whole thing as a hypnotic strategy.
Once the patient is hypnotized, is ready to cooperate with me, once he trusts me… and he
has to trust because he has paid so much money, and he has to trust because I am the last
resort. He has been to all kinds of doctors. If I fail, then he has no hope, so naturally he
has to trust me. And he can see that it is not an ordinary doctor’s clinic. It is so
extraordinary that it is impossible for the doctor to fail.”
If somebody is not willing, the hypnotist has to create the willingness. Hypnotism is not
some power in the hands of the hypnotist. That idea I want to criticize absolutely, without
any conditions attached to it. It is thought all over the world that it is a power in the hands
of the hypnotist. It is not; it is your power.
The hypnotist is only a help to awaken you to your own power, and then it can be used
for many things: for healing, for making you live longer, for changing your harmful
habits, smoking, drinking. It can do tremendous work.
It can be used as an educative methodology. You can learn in hypnosis better than you
can learn ordinarily, because everything is silent and you are hearing only one voice.
Even if somebody else comes and talks, you will not hear, you are open only to a small
narrow way to the hypnotist. He can teach you any new language. He can teach you any
new science. He can teach you arithmetic, anything within minutes for which people take
hours and days to learn.
And it can be used for meditation too. As far as I am concerned hypnosis is simply a
relaxed, deliberate sleep with a small opening, a little window, to the person who
hypnotized you. He can tell you that your meditation will go deeper every day, and if this
thought gets in your unconscious, your meditation will start going deeper. Just a few
sessions and he can give you the last post-hypnotic suggestion: now you don’t need any
hypnosis; your meditation will go deeper on its own accord.
Hypnosis has not been used in the whole of history for meditation, but it can be used, and
it can be used with tremendous power, because you have to fight so much with your
thoughts unnecessarily. That whole struggle with your mind can be dropped by hypnotic
sessions without much effort.
Hypnosis is also capable of giving you a post-hypnotic suggestion, if you want to
hypnotize yourself, by a simple strategy: count from one to one hundred, and from one
hundred back to one. By the time you have reached back to one, you will fall into deep
hypnosis. And you can tell yourself before going into hypnosis — because you will be
alone — “The state of hypnosis will last only for fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes I
will come out of it.” This is auto-hypnosis.
Hetero-hypnosis means somebody is helping you. In the beginning it is good to take help.
But you have to be very willing, in a very loveful atmosphere.
An old man was torturing his family continuously with this disease, that disease. And he
was reading the encyclopedia and finding diseases. He was reading medical magazines
and finding new diseases that have just been discovered, and he would immediately start
torturing his family, “I am suffering from this disease.” It was a way of remaining in
power. He was retired. Nobody cared about him; in fact, he was a burden. But even if you
are a burden, you don’t want to be neglected. His method not to be neglected and not to
be ignored was to create new diseases.
Doctors were tired because they said, “That man is strange, he has no disease. He just
goes on reading and finding diseases from encyclopedias, and then we have to treat
something which he has not got — and that may unnecessarily create trouble.” Medicine
which is given to a person who has no disease may cause some trouble, particularly
allopathic medicines which are almost all based on poison. So the doctors were saying,
“We are tired, just…”
Then one doctor said, “It will be good if you go to a hypnotist. I have a friend who is a
very good hypnotist, perhaps he may be helpful.” Now the old man is saying that he is
suffering from sleeplessness, so the hypnotist will be perfectly the right person. He will
give him sleep. He will also give him the the post-hypnotic suggestion, “You will go to
sleep — just drink hot milk before you go to bed and immediately you will fall asleep.”
He will associate sleep with the hot milk, and once it gets associated in the mind, it
Every child knows that the teddy bear works; you take the teddy bear away, and the child
cannot sleep. And everybody has his own methods of creating teddy bears. You will find
somebody clutching his blanket. If you don’t allow him to clutch his blanket, he cannot
sleep. Everybody has a certain posture of sleeping. If you don’t allow him that posture, he
cannot sleep. These are natural ways of auto-hypnotizing yourself.
So the hypnotist was brought, and the old man was told, “Now you forget… all your
diseases will be finished. We have found the greatest hypnotist.” The old man lay down,
and the hypnotist said, “Just as I say you are falling asleep, asleep… and your eyelids are
becoming heavy, so heavy, mountainously heavy so that you cannot keep them open… “
And soon the old man was fast asleep.
The doctor took away his bag, slipped silently out, took his fees, and the family was very
happy that this is the right man. But as the son came back, the old man opened one eye
and said, “Has that crank gone or not?” He was not willing; he was just pretending.
Immediately the moment he said, “Your eyes are becoming heavy,” he closed his eyes,
listened to the whole thing, and knew that this is stupid. How can this create sleep?
Your willingness is absolutely needed. It is you who creates the hypnosis, not the person
who hypnotizes you. But it is good in the beginning if you can help each other. There is
nothing much to it; anybody you trust can help you and take you deep into hypnosis. And
when you are in deep hypnosis he can check whether you are in deep hypnosis or not. He
can push a needle in your hand; you will not feel it. He can take your hand up and leave
it, and it will fall because you are not awake and you cannot keep it that way. So there are
just a few small things he can try to find out if you are really in hypnosis.
Then he can tell you about meditation: whenever you sit to meditate, take a bath, make a
special room for your meditation. Don’t do anything in that room so that it remains
vibrating with your meditativeness. Burn incense, bring roses and flowers, sit silently.
Close your eyes, watch your thoughts and you will immediately go into deep silence