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In this blog I plan to discuss the teachings of Buddha and explore how we can apply his wisdom and insight into our personal lives.   As Americans or “Westerners”  living in the 21st century, we have access to a huge amount of information about the world that was unknown during Buddha’s lifetime.  The sciences of  psychology and biology have provided us new insights into how we experience the world and perceive “reality.”  Although these disciplines provide us new insights into the workings of our world,and minds,  fundamentally each person living today must deal with reality no differently than people who lived thousands of years ago.  The key issues of life, death, aging, happiness, pain and suffering  are ubiquitous to us all.  Although today we may be influenced less by rigid religious and cultural doctrines, we still have the same challenges (and maybe even more) of living and applying Buddha’s teachings in our day to day lives.

In this blog, I will be looking at what Buddha said in a way that is not bound by the cultural “baggage” that has grown up around the many traditions of formal Buddhism.   I think Buddha was essentially a “scientist” of his time.   He didn’t have microscopes, telescopes, MRIs and all the other instruments that scientists have used to make their many “discoveries.”   Instead he had only one instrument…..the instrument of instruments  — you guessed it, the human mind.  Not just any mind, but one highly focused, open, inquisitive, and rational.   By turning his mind onto itself, he discovered and realized the true reality in which we live.  Our world is the world of our mind.  It create our reality.  So I think Buddha’s teaching are fundamentally all about the mind and our understanding and relationship to it.  It’s from this perspective that I view Buddha as probably the greatest scientist that ever lived.  After all, the underlying element of all “things science” is observation.  And Buddha was unequaled in applying this skill to the workings of the human mind.  Like Buddha, I think that understanding the mind is the key to understanding our perception of reality.

I also think that we are unbelievably lucky to be alive at this time and in this place!!  It blows my mind to realize how much knowledge, information, and wisdom we have access to.  We can read the wisdom and insights of some of the greatest humans that ever lived by simply picking up a book or surfing the web.  We are the only ones in the history of our species to have this capability — the ability to peer into the minds of some of the greatest people who have ever lived on this planet.  Their words and thoughts are available to anyone.   Imagine all the world’s best minds at your fingertips or the point of your cursor.  The greatest and wisest people in history can now be our personal teachers…. if we so desire.   What an honor and humbling experience to have access to such knowledge and wisdom!    I think it’s truly a wonder that we now have the means and capability to access all this knowledge and wisdom. It truly is a great time to live.

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