This site is about exploring the Buddha’s teachings and applying this wisdom to your lives and mine.  We in the west are not good at mindlessly following the ideas and teachings of others.  Our history and traditions require us to question, analyze, and contemplate what we hear, see,  and believe.  As a result, I think this makes it more difficult for us as Americans to make the “leap of faith” that people of other lands so easily accomplish.  For this reason, this site is my attempt to explore and make sense of what Buddha taught within the context of our culture, our science,  and our place in history.  I’ve been trained in science, education, and technology so I will be using these perspectives as I try to make sense of Buddha’s teaching and trying to find ways of integrating his wisdom into my life and being.  I think this is no easy task – particularly for us in the West.   So, I invite anyone who shares my goals and interests in this area to join me in exploring how we can awaken our Buddha Mind right here and now in the 21st century.

John Beier  /  Annandale, VA  USA

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